Everyone at Laghetto is convinced that it is truly profitable for small children to have the opportunity to play in water and thus familiarise themselves with this element from a very early age. The recent development of water based exercises in post natal months is a great pleasure for us.

Our little pools were born to give years of pleasure to our children, and today they are available for yours.

Our BABY pools are supplied with a filtration system (Babypur) and vacuum brush wich allows you to maintain the water quality as if in a large swimming pool, and which assures you all the hygiene necessary for children in their early years.

  Covered by water*  
  Water H.*  
  Ground Encumbr.*  
  2 x 3  
  2 x 4  
  200 x 290  
  200 x 380  
  222 x 312  
  222 x 402  
*Approximate measures